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Newcastle and Gateshead Art Studio

Newcastle and Gateshead Art Studio (NAGAS) provides an innovative range of creative based services that are directed at improving and enhancing the quality of life, health and social integration of its members.

They provide opportunities for those who are, or at risk of experiencing diagnosed mental health problems, and those who experience other forms of social exclusion within their communities.

The Art Studio provision allows service users to:

  • develop skills with or without support from professional artists
  • try new art forms
  • exhibit work
  • get involved in group work
  • work independently
  • visit art galleries
  • make new friends
  • get work online
    … and much more

There is a charge of £10.00 per term  for membership of NAGAS. The first term is free for new members.

NAGAS also organise a weekly music group and writing group.


Opening times

Monday to Thursday:  10.00 am till 5.00 pm

Friday: Closed

Contact details

Bob Malpiedi

NAGAS Studio Manager

The Blackfriars Centre

Newbridge Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Telephone: 07786830549



Review to be included


3 Responses to "Newcastle and Gateshead Art Studio"

hope to be coming back to the art room soon ! to try out some new things and finish my painting .Loveley chilled atmosphere and everyone is friendly ! lot,s of differen,t things to try,well worth a visit!!!

i love to visit art galleries both home and abroad, art has been my life-,”

I received a wonderfully warm welcome from all those at the studio today and the art that is produced is outstanding…I can’t wait to return!

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